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By leveraging the power of education, we combat the generational impacts of war


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South Sudan

In South Sudan, we have hired Mr. Joseph Angok Mayath as the South Sudan Country Representative. Mr. Mayath will steer the process of flooding South Sudan with a High Quantity of High-Quality schools. B2THEWORLD is in the initial stages of considering revamping St. Mary's Academic School into a transformative educational centre which will serve as an outpost for launching additional schools in South Sudan. Joseph will lead and work with an already-established Advisory Committee to start B2THEWORLD in South Sudan and be closely supported by another leader Mr. Angelo Agany, who is being developed by B2THEWORLD, to steer B2THEWORLD' Vision and Mission in South Sudan


We are partnering with AIS Foundation to start Africa International School as our Anchor school in Cameroon. AIS will be pivotal in realising our goal of flooding Cameroon with a High Quantity of High Quality (HQ/HQ) schools. Through the AIS Foundation, we have also hired Dr Victor Many im as the Central Africa Regional Coordinator charged with the mandate of fostering the B2THEWORLD Vision and Mission in Cameroon, Chad, Central Africa Republic and Congo DRC. With the support of Mr Moses Nkembe, whom we are developing as an Educational Leader, Dr Victor Many im will be so instrumental in leveraging the existing B2THEWORLD strategic plans and policies in advancing the B2THEWORLD vision and mission within these four Central African countries.


A KICS education establishes and prepares young people to transform their community, their country and the world. For more of this transformation, Kigali International Community School (KICS) needs a campus that is equipped to serve this vision. The land has been purchased, the design is taking shape, and now it’s time to fund the new Learning Landscape and Centers of Excellence, which will allow KICS to have an extraordinary national and international impact. This is Our School, it belongs to all of us, and together we can make this vision a reality.



We believe the need is evident for an oppressed group of vulnerable children to have the opportunity to experience a transformative education that could break the cycle of bondage and with this education could come freedom.



The need to train teachers and volunteers in Sudan is central to averting the generational impact of war on children. We purpose to leverage expertise within the education field through a locally contextualized approach to providing a transformative educational experience that is marked by excellence and mentorship.



The Global Educators Gathering brings together educators and school leaders from around the world to learn, collaborate, and navigate challenges that they face in various school settings.


Project Global

While we often display pictures of and information about work we do around the world, but sometimes we serve in places where sharing information can put our workers and beneficiaries in danger. We refer to these places as Project Global countries.