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Project Global

Can We Help?

Can we intervene in countries devastated by war, corruption, and poverty? There are countries in the world so dangerous that we cannot talk about helping the people in them. Do we have workers willing to put their lives in danger for strangers in need? The answer is a resounding yes!

The Issue:

War, poverty, and corruption have held people down. Access to sufficient food, education, or safety have been stolen from innocent people. The suffering could be the result of immediate or generational impacts of war.

The Commitment:

Our Project Global allows us to take meaningful steps to building relationships, identifying partners and serving students and families in some of the hardest hit areas around the world. We do so carefully and intentionally to help all people.

How Can you Help?

As you think of us, please do pray for those living in our Project Global countries. These are some of the most unimaginable environments you can imagine. For more information regarding this project, please reach out to ben@b2theworld.com.