B2THEWORLD School Supply Drive August 14- 24 in NYC



Benjamin Nangira Opondo

Programs Lead

Benjamin (Benji) is a Kenyan Christian educator who is passionate about changing lives and raising godly leaders for the global community. As Programs Lead at B2THEWOLRD Benji brings to the team 13 years of teaching and school leadership career experience from five East African Countries. Benji is an Education graduate, an ACSI-Certified High School Principal, and is currently pursuing the Paths to School Improvement trainer certification and a Master's Degree in Advanced Teaching with the University of the People (Online).

Benji's Journey with B2THEWOLRD began in 2018 when he attended the first GEG and was touched by the B2THEWORLD's vision. Having served refugees in Somalia and post-war families in Ethiopia and Burundi, and now serving vulnerable children in Uganda, Benji so strongly believed that God had taken 13 years to prepare him for global service.  Benji and his wife Zainabu (Zain) are two passionate educationists nurturing their children, Genesis, Hillel, and Josh in the ways of the Lord.