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Ben and Susie Thomas

Thomas Project


Ben and Susie Thomas have benefited throughout their lives from quality education, strong family values, and learning from and working with people from different cultures. Currently, they have the joy of leading the Kigali International Community School (KICS) in Kigali, Rwanda. KICS is home to over 30 nationalities, and Ben and Susie are cherishing this opportunity to serve globally while preparing servant leaders to impact the world.

Ben & Susie’s very different upbringings combined to eventually lead them to found B2THEWORLD.

For Ben, the son of Indian immigrants who made their home in New York, a global mindset was integral to his development as a Malayalee-American. He was shaped by his family and community to appreciate roots, origins, and cultures of people worldwide, and has been pursuing global leadership since he was in college.

Ben was Susie’s introduction to the world beyond America. She often dreamed of being a teacher in a school like the one she helped grow with her family. She had no idea that it wouldn’t be until she was in her 30s that she would see this dream realized, and she loves being the fifth-grade teacher at KICS and raising her kids in a similar environment to the one she loved.

Included in their global call, Ben and Susie have had the joy of parenting Simon, Talya, Charlie, and Annie - four fantastic third-culture kids who love living in Rwanda.