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The Need for Education in Cameroon

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Education in Cameroon has suffered multiple setbacks as a result of the conflicts that began within the Anglophone regions of the country. Since 2017, several children have been denied access to schools because separatist armed groups have declared a boycott to education (World Report 2021). They have burned down schools, killed and maimed people, and caused a massive displacement of civilians in these regions.

Moreover, in the regions where there exists a reasonable amount of peace, thousands more children are unable to acquire quality primary and secondary education. In order to go to school, children have to navigate multiple challenges due to the insecurity and inaccessibility to school facilities.

In 2000, in order to encourage high enrollment in schools, the government of Cameroon made basic education free for all children in public schools. However, many families in conflict-prone locations, are unable to afford basic school requirements for their children like uniforms, scholastic materials as well as, a basic fee for the ‘Parent Teacher Associations’ that are responsible for outsourcing community teachers.

Irrespective of these challenges, reliable data indicates that each year of education reduces the risk of conflict by around 20% (Doing Well Out of War, World Bank). This fact is one of many reasons that motivates us at B2TheWorld, to pursue the development of a quality school in Cameroon. This would help improve the lives of children by providing a transformative education. Together, with our partners on ground, we believe that one school, has the power to bring hope and transform the futures of children.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support toward our work as we fulfill our vision to ensure, fullness of life for the future of every child impacted by war.

Strength and Courage,

Ben and Susie Thomas