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South Sudan Project Updates

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Recently, our programs team travelled to South Sudan on their maiden journey to explore the potential for a partnership with a community school. Benji and Joan’s site visit was to further explore a potential school partnership that would impact the lives of over 270 boys and girls, through providing a transformative education.

The team visited St. Mary’s School that is overseen by Joseph Angok and a team of volunteer teachers. As highlighted in this video, they were able to witness firsthand the impact that conflict can have on the education of and the lives of children. The team was impressed by the resilience of both the teachers and students. Their diligence to provide a basic education the students amid various challenges and with the most basic resources, is unprecedented.

B2THEWORLD is currently working on a proposal to support the school and its students. We believe that this partnership has the potential to make a significant impact on the community by providing a transformative education there.

Thank you for your continued support in our mission to make education accessible to all children.

Strength and Courage,

Ben and Susie