B2THEWORLD School Supply Drive August 14- 24 in NYC


Give an Education, Change a Life Today

There is no better time than today, to change a child’s life. A quality education has the potential to change the trajectory of the future of any child impacted by war.

Wars and conflicts have devastated the dreams, shattered the hopes and stolen the childhoods of so many girls and boys. Today, in 2022, there are over 222 million crisis-impacted school-aged children, according to the United Nations. Of these children, over 78.2 million are out-of-school while the remaining 120 million are in dire need of educational support so that they can receive literacy and numeracy skills in safe school environments.

To ensure that no child’s educational needs are left unsupported, B2THEWORLD reaches out and partners with Christian educators in post-conflict countries to establish schools and bring quality education to the children in these places. Our work in Rwanda and Pakistan has encouraged us to go further and reach other post-conflict places. We are in the process of considering promising partnerships to build schools in places like Iraq and Cameroon and we are developing potential partnerships with educators in places like South Sudan and Ethiopia.

At B2THEWORLD, our vision is to ensure the fullness of life for the future of every child impacted by war. We do this by leveraging the power of a transformative education to combat the generational impacts of war. Our resolve continues to grow. With your help, we can change a child’s life through providing a transformative education.

Give Today and support the education of children in post-conflict countries. Your contribution and help will go a long way in ensuring a bright future for these girls and boys.

Strength and Courage,
Ben and Susie Thomas