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Education can Provide a Better Future for Pakistan Students

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Providing a transformative education to students in Pakistan can change the trajectory of their futures. These students are the children of the minority Christians in their community.

The challenge for the students at our partner schools, has been to achieve a sustainable education. This is due to the challenges that their parents face as factory workers, brick kiln workers, and street cleaners. They are not able to pay their tuition without support. Several times, these children have to work in these places to make ends meet.

We are thankful for our partner Mr. Ashraf Rahmat who has stepped in to help provide a basic education to these students in the three schools he leads, that cater to over 600 children. He said: “Education has the power to bring a prosperous life for Christians in Pakistan who face discrimination and persecution... Education is the key that will help our young generation to move forward. They can get respectful work with dignity.

We strongly believe that children deserve to live to their fullest potential in honor of who God has created them to be. Through your support, a better future for these girls and boys can be realized as they break out of the cycle of bonded labor. Join our efforts at B2THEWORLD, and help bring a transformative education to these children in Pakistan.

Strength and Courage,
Ben Thomas
C.E.O and Co-founder