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A few months ago, a fellow B2 colleague, Doug and I traveled to Iraq. It was my first trip to Iraq, but definitely won’t be the last. Now, what comes to your mind when you think Iraq? …..  War. Invasion. Oil. Saddam.  Well, those are what were going through my mind as someone who grew up in the US during its two wars in Iraq. The realities of war are real, and they run deep. Iraq has been steeped in war for the last 50 years and the impacts of war are everywhere.That said, what we experienced in Iraq, was a land where God has been at work for thousands and thousands of years. We traveled to a city where they say the first “bishop” was in place as early as AD129. We stood on the ruins of a church that is said to have been from the 4th to 6th century. They say that nearly two thirds of the Old Testament took place in Iraq.We engaged with people who want the very best for their country, and for the children of their country. People who desire a transformative education. The type of education we offer at B2THEWORLD. An education that is focused on developing leaders, helping students wrestle with the deepest questions of why, and one that allows students to play again. As we visited with school, community and church leaders, they all want the same thing—a restored future for the lives of their children.

As we engage in our summer, can we ask you to pray for Iraq in the following ways:

  1. Remember the children and the people of Iraq in your prayers. Would you pray our vision over them, which comes from John 10:10.
  2. Would you pray Isaiah 61:1-5 over them. Ask God to give them a spirit of dancing instead of mourning, beauty instead of ashes, that God would plant this generation of children as oaks of righteousness, and they would rebuild, renew and restore their cities that have long been devastated.
  3. Would you also pray for us, as we consider next steps. Pray that God leads us to the right country representative to lead the work in Iraq. Of the five cities we engaged in, pray with us that God would make it clear on how to move forward with each one. Would you pray that God would lead at least three school leaders from Iraq to be part of our inaugural incubator program later this year.

One of my biggest takeaways from Iraq, was God inviting us into a land where He has been at work for thousands of years. What a joy to be invited into his restoration work.