Conflict, instability, and underdevelopment with minimal resources have inhibited the education sector in Sudan. The lack of a comprehensive and inclusive education in Sudan has led to the country recording the largest number of out-of-school children in the Mid-North African region of the continent. Providing a safe learning environment for children in which they can receive a quality education will position them for a brighter future.


Education development in Sudan is rooted in the constitution that ensures that the state-mandated education curriculum is adhered to. It requires that all schools provide Islamic education classes from pre-school to the second year of university without the provision for Christian education as a credited subject. However, there is a provision for non-Muslim students to attend religious study classes of their own religion outside of regular school hours to fulfill the religious instruction requirement. This is where we step in to contribute toward providing a transformative Christian education to children.

Additionally, several teachers in Sudan are volunteers who are unqualified and untrained. These have hampered the holistic approach to providing a transformative quality education in schools that are already lacking in educational development, teacher trainings, resources, and tools to provide a quality education. Resolving these challenges requires an intentional and comprehensive approach to education advocacy. B2THEWORLD is partnering with educators to raise awareness, galvanize, mobilize, and deploy them to provide Christ-centered education.

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B2THEWORLD is committed to training 2000 volunteers to become teachers over the next three years. Together with its partners in education, we aim to leverage expertise within the education field to equip and close the education gap in the most affected areas in Sudan. We are committed to ensuring that every child impacted by war receives a holistic and quality Christian education in their community. This transformative educational experience would position students to experience fullness of life in the future. This is because every child has a right to quality education.